The Body Bar is a family-owned Acupuncture and Massage Center serving the health and wellness needs of Lafayette and beyond.




Eric’s nature-oriented background gives him a unique perspective on how to help people in need of pain relief and relaxation. He studied physics and earth sciences and even worked as a computer programmer in the business realm for several years, but left the corporate world and spent a year traveling in South America doing wildlife conservation volunteering. In 2015 he rededicated his life to connecting directly with people, understanding the mind and body and working to first improve his own health and then to share his knowledge with those around him so they can improve their own. Eric graduated from the Healing Spirits Massage Program in Boulder and then traveled shortly thereafter to Thailand and Bali to study Thai Yoga massage for nearly 3 months. There he developed an appreciation of the culture where the practice originated over 2000 years ago. Working the traditions of East and West, and even melding them when needed, he creates sessions with an easy relaxing flow alongside specific therapeutic focus. Eric offers integrative massage using deep-tissue, Swedish, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques on the table, and of course traditional Thai Yoga massage in fully clothed sessions on a comfy floor mat. When not practicing massage, Eric enjoys being outdoors (especially birdwatching), playing and listening to music, reading, learning about cognitive science, and being an avid trail-runner here in the foothills of the Front Range of Colorado.

Eric works with us each year from August to March. If you don’t see him on the schedule, look for him to return annually during those months!