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Audrey Marold


Massage Therapy



Audrey has been practicing Massage Therapy on and off since she graduated from Heritage College of Health Studies in 2001. She grew up in Denver and has had a lifelong personal journey of pain management, due in large part to her own history of scoliosis and fibromyalgia. This journey led her to study Massage Therapy, as she felt that this understanding of pain, and its root causes, could be a valuable asset in helping other people heal.

As Madonna said, “Pain is a warning that something’s wrong.” Audrey is a believer that pain can teach us whether we are on the correct path. One of her strengths is her intuitive ability to “listen” to the body to determine what is needed for pain relief and deep healing. She customizes each massage session with a combination of modalities such as Swedish, sports recovery, percussion, prenatal, reflexology, deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques.

Audrey is also fascinated with the energies that permeate and affect all things, and she brings her own brand of energy work into each massage, remaining mindful of releasing the negative energies that do not serve us and increasing the positive as much as possible. It is important to Audrey to help her clients by breaking up old patterns of adhesion in the tissue, and help people get “unstuck” so that they can move about life with greater ease and freedom.

When not working, Audrey is happiest being a homebody with her husband of 20 years and their two hilarious and artistic children (6th generation Coloradans!). She is also a Nemophilist (lover of forests and woodland areas) and a huge fan of Liberty Puzzles.