The Body Bar is a family-owned Acupuncture and Massage Center serving the health and wellness needs of Lafayette and beyond.




Karen became a massage therapist in 2003 and has been practicing eighteen of the twenty years since then. Providing therapeutic massage and practicing this subtle art of healing has changed her life. She graduated from Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy in Denver CO. Massage was her ‘encore’ career and grew naturally from seventeen years as a Clinical Social Worker.

She believes professional massage can add to our overall sense of well-being and is preventive health care. Massage eases and reduces the effects of stress. A quiet massage creates a deep calmness. Studies have shown that stress is a primary contributor to dis-ease and illness in the body. The mental ‘drifting’ and relaxation that massage offers is similar to meditation or light sleep and contributes to our natural ability to heal ourselves. Massage allows the body to feel quieted, neutralized; the mind may respond with more clarity after a massage. The more often we can do things that create this state – the better for our health!