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Isaac Hagerling


Massage Therapy



As a long time Buddhist meditator and teacher of Interpersonal Meditation, the core of Isaac’s practice is bringing mindful, intentional listening to each client and what their body needs in every moment.

In a previous life, Isaac played high stakes poker professionally and even won a bracelet at the World Series of Poker in 2013. Though he had many successes and interesting experiences in poker, his body began to break down due to the constant stress and endless sitting that this lifestyle entailed. He was often in pain until he began regularly receiving massage and Rolfing sessions, which not only relaxed him but also helped him to heal and connect to his body in a deeper way. Eventually Isaac decided to leave poker and harness his ability to read people and their bodies to help them relax and reconnect to themselves.

In this process of learning how to nurture himself and others, Isaac devoted thousands of hours to listening to his own and other peoples’ somatic experiences, became a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Rolfer, and has practiced many forms of movement, including dance, martial arts, and strength training. His current obsession is exploring how we can use our mind-body connection to heal pain. Isaac believes in working with your nervous system rather than fighting it, and his intention is to offer compassion, presence, and understanding of your body to each moment so that you feel safe to feel and heal.